Thanks for stumbling upon my personal website, where I put links to websites I am working on or have worked on. Browse through the links below to find some interesting website thing.

Math Method

Originally a math practice site that I made as an experiment, has grown to something used (and enjoyed) by my fellow classmates.

Ian's Internet Cards

An internet-based, real-time, Cards Against Humanity style game. Please note that this is still in active development and the server may go down occasionally.


A clone of the classic game, 2048, with the special feature to change the size of the board to anything. (You can even make a rectangular board)

HTML Vault

Serverless file and text encryption.


Apply cool styles to your text to put on your website, favorite forum, or whatever you want.


A small drag and drop programming language for small experiments.

Funny Bunny Money

An adictive clicker game where you can challenge yourself to earn the most Funny Bunny Money.


Have fun defending yourself from hordes of geometric invaders and getting great high scores.

Hollywood Tech Lingo Generator

Imagine the main character from your favorite sci-fi movie saying these things (share them too).

Open Source Projects

Come see some of my projects that I have released every part of them to the community.