Ian Morrill


I'm Ian Morrill and I am a freshman at the University of Maryland who loves to program (and has loved to for a rather long time). When I'm not programming, doing school work, or working at a non-programming related job, I enjoy going for walks (and runs), hanging out with friends and family, taking pictures (like the one above), playing video games (Minecraft, mostly), and watching TV.


In the big boxes below, you will find links to the most notable web-based projects I have created since I started my programming adventure in the sixth grade. To see more of my work, check out my GitHub. If you want to see my resumé, head over to my LinkedIn.

Math Method

Originally a math practice site that I made as an experiment in the sixth grade, has grown into much more. With practice quizzes ranging from Pre-Algebra all the way to Calculus, Math Method provides instant and infinite math practice.

Let's Practice Some Math!
Ian's Internet Cards

An internet-based, real-time, party game inspired by Cards Against Humanity. I enlisted the help of my high school friends to create custom decks of weird, wacky, and awful cards akin to those found in Cards Against Humanity itself.

Let's Play!

A game I made back in the beginning of high school in which you fight off hordes of geometric invaders.

Begin the Onslaught!

A small drag and drop programming language that I made in middle school. It is no Scratch, but it can dynamically generate JavaScript and execute it.

Drop Some Blox!
Funny Bunny Money

An addictive clicker game beloved by my friends, where the singular goal is to make the most "Funny Bunny Money."

Earn Some Bunny Money!
HTML Vault

Client-side file and text encryption.

Encrypt Your Stuff!